VK Venture


AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) is digital banking service that enables retailers to provide basic banking functions such as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, and domestic money remittances to their customers and earn money as commission. It is a win-win situation for both – the local retailers and the customers. Instead of searching for ATMs or standing at long queues at bank branches, customers can walk up to any VKV retail store and conduct banking transactions with their Aadhaar number and fingerprint authentication.

How does AEPS works?

The AEPS system (Micro ATM / Aadhar ATM) works like a Point of Sale (POS) machine. Instead of a debit/credit card pin, the merchant enters customer’s Aadhaar number and authenticates the transaction using customer’s biometric data. Once the fingerprint is verified customer’s account gets debited and merchant hands over cash to the customer.


  • Safe & Secure system
  • No need to carry Debit or Credit card
  • Easily withdraw money, without visiting bank or ATM
  • Only Aadhaar number and fingerprint authentication required
  • Attractive real-time commission on every transaction
  • Maximum utilization of cash at shop.
  • Quick process, doesn’t take more than a minute to complete a transaction.
  • Multiple devices integrated to capture fingerprint