VK Venture



VKV offers a unique platform to all its retailers wherein, the customers get all the services under one roof. The most unique feature of this programme being “single wallet”. Retailers can utilize or sell any service from one single wallet whether it is a flight booking, mobile recharge, money transfer, a DTH connection or any other service. VKV helps the agents to earn more income and attract more customers.


  • Earn extra income as commission on every service
  • Easy, Fast & Secure
  • Manage all services in one click
  • The best user interface for all important actions
  • Track business growth with detailed reports
  • Single wallet for all the services
  • Works 24/7
  • Customer care team to assist in all queries

It is a great opportunity for you, as a distributor you can generate more revenue on every retailer on-boarded by you, earn extra recurring income from the transactions made by the retailers real-time and for lifetime. The best part is, since there are multiple services under one roof you can be a distributor of a service of your choice or of a combination of products and services.

Unique features:

  • Can on board unlimited number of agents
  • Assign agents to different categories based on the business volume
  • Can set different deals for different category of agents
  • Control panel to manage all the registered agents
  • Accounting reports at the click of a button
  • Product training and marketing materials
  • All services under one single wallet

Become a Distributor and earn up-to 50000 every month by just onboarding just 25 active agents.

Super Distributor

VKV provides a unique opportunity to start working for your own brand. We @ VKV provide all the solutions to create your own brand in the industry and enhance its marketing and brand visibility. It is a unique programme in which you will be appointing distributors and agents under your own brand and we will manage all the backend technical and operational works.

Some of the unique features:

  • The login domain as per your choice
  • Theme of the portal in synchronisation with your logo
  • Corporate Mail IDs as per your domain for business communication
  • Your existing domain can be used for agent login
  • Single wallet for all the different services
  • Complete detailed reports of all the transactions
  • Clear transparent accounting system
  • Corporate kit for brand visibility (Optional)
  • Dedicated customer care support (Optional)
  • Brochure & other marketing materials designed specifically for you (Optional)

It is a programme with unlimited income opportunity.

It’s a simple 3 step process to join VKV and start earning.


Fill in the below form, our executive will contact and guide you.


Upload your KYC documents in the portal.


Once documents are
verified you are good to
go live